Our favorite Canadian, Crystal Tso hails from Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from University of Western Ontario with major in Health Sciences and minor in Linguistics in 2014 and came to University at Buffalo to get her Masters in Speech Language Pathology, joining our church along the way. But enough of that boring stuff. Crystal is also fellow Suits addict, foodie, and scared of spiders. When you meet her, please ask her how awesome her roommate is. Crystal is also a fantastic cook and always loves to serve others with some amazing homemade food. She also says words with a funny accent, so it's okay to pick on her when she starts to pick on you. Even so, she's a great listener and encouraging sister to everyone.

Princess Alisa Xunao Liu, who comes from the land near Chicago in Naperville. She is a student at Daemen College studying to become a Physician Assistant. Her hobby includes playing boardgames while breaking some friendships along the way. But really, Alisa feels empathetic and she will offer to buy you dinner. So don’t forget to play board games with her for a free meal! Aside from her studies in Daemen, she also has a degree in retail therapy. If you ever need a shopping consultant, she will gladly help you. Besides shopping, she is also an active person who loves to play badminton and volleyball. Most of all, Alisa is loving and compassionate. She will always care for those in need regardless of her busy schedule.

Ray is like our friendly neighborhood panda. He has been in Buffalo for 7 years for both undergraduate and graduate studies. He graduated from University at Buffalo for Exercise Science and is currently in his last year studying for his Physical Therapy degree. Ray is also an avid sports fan (he literally watches all sports) . It is also his biggest distraction, even more than his friends. If you ever get to meet him, make him say "water" and "sorry" --you will get to hear his New Jersey accent. For all the Pokémon fans out there, you can bond with him via Pokémon Go. He also likes jell-o and brownies and cheesecake.