Edwin Yau

Class of '09

Being a part of Livingstones and Buffalo Chinese Christian Church has been such a joy in my life. To be part of a church and fellowship with such faithful and encouraging brothers and sisters is truly precious. 

Michael Tsang

Class of '06, MS Social Work

Livingstones has truly been a home away from home. I never thought much of Christianity and churches prior to going to UB, but now I thank God everyday for his providence and mercies that have enabled me to find Livingstones. My collegiate experience would not have been what it was if it weren't for Livingstones. Having been equipped with the turths of the Bible and countless brothers and sisters, I embrace the many challenges life has in store for me. 

Margaret Tisbe

Class of '07, Nursing

Finding Livingstones has been a great blessing in my life. It was here where I found the truth in God's word and love for us. What will always stay on my mind is the way the brothers and sisters love each other and the personal relationship they have for God. I'm always learning and always growing here, and the best part is we get to grow in God's love with one another. 

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